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Location of La Rambla to the nearest metro stop. Click for a magnified view of this map

Las Ramblas in Barcelona is a 1.2 km walkway through the heart of the city centre. Here you will see all sorts of stalls, restaurants, bars and street performers along with the many thousands of people that promenade up and down the Ramblas until the early hours of the morning.

Las Ramblas stretches from Monument a Colom in the south to Placa de Catalunya in the North and many important streets and squares lead off from the Ramblas en-route.

How to get Las Ramblas

Metro: Drassanes( Green Line, L3 ) or Liceu ( Green Line, L3 ) or Catalunya ( Green Line, L3 ) and ( Red Line, L1 )

The order of the metro stops given here is from monument a Colom at the South end of the Ramblas to Placa de Catalunya at the North end of the Ramblas. Barcelona Metro Map All three stops are actually on the Ramblas.

Hotels near La Rambla

To start the photo tour of Las Ramblas click on the first picture in the table below. Remember you will get more out of this photo guide if you follow the photos in sequence.

Is jennifer aniston ageing backwards, jennifer

Yahoo News

Is Jennifer Aniston Ageing Backwards?

Jennifer Aniston looking eerily similar at the 2016 ‘Storks’ premiere and 2003 SAG Awards [Photo: Getty]

In some kind of Benjamin Button-style scenario, our most beloved actress seems to be getting younger every day.

Donning a cute embossed dress by Valentino, Aniston stole the blue carpet at the premiere of her latest animated film, Storks . Lace-up Gianvito Rossi heels and a fresh-faced look finished the ensemble.

Jennifer Aniston wearing Valentino and Gianvito Rossi heels [Photo: Getty]

So how does the 47-year-old actress look so good? Well, she’s been the face of skincare brand Aveeno since 2013 and is said to use their products every single day. Tip: Aveeno’s Daily Moisturising Lotion is her absolute favourite.

Aniston is also obsessed with hydration, reminding everyone to “drink a LOT of water.”

Her top beauty tricks, though, are easily available and more importantly, extremely affordable. She uses Vaseline on her eyes and lashes at night, Mario Badescu’s Drying Lotion for any pesky blemishes and bareMinerals’ Brightening Serum Foundation for that glowing base.

So there you have it: the Jennifer Aniston guide to eternal youth. All yours for under ?50.

Demi lovato - s alleged topless photos leak, show singer in bed with wilmer valderrama, lovatop

Demi Lovato's Alleged Topless Photos Leak, Show Singer In Bed With Wilmer Valderrama

Yet another batch of nude photos purportedly of pop singer Demi Lovato have leaked online.

The cell quality photos were first obtained and posted by Egotastic on April 5 and show someone who looks very much like Lovato, 21, in bed with someone who looks very much like her boyfriend, 34-year-old actor, Wilmer Valderrama. Another photo also shows a woman who is alleged to be Lovato wearing leggings, and is completely topless. And while her head is not visible in the frame, at first glance, what appear to be her rather identifiable tattoos are completely visible.

Since the photos leaked, neither Lovato nor Valderrama has officially responded, however, the "Heart Attack" singer subsequently tweeted a photo of herself wearing boxing gloves, writing in Spanish, "Soy fuerte. Soy luchadora. Asi que no me subestimen," which translates to. "I am strong. I am a fighter. Do not underestimate me."

Soy fuerte. Soy luchadora. Asi que no me subestimen. pic. twitter. com/kwXMvkRmLd

This is not the first time alleged nude photos of Lovato have leaked online. Back in August, RadarOnline reported that multiple "X-rated and self-shot pics" of the singer were being shopped around to numerous outlets, and showed a young woman in various compromising positions, including some in which she is nude in a bathtub and others where she is lying topless in bed.

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PDT-Acne Plus is safe to use. easy to operate and delivers remarkable and lasting results

PDT-Acne Plus Specs Photo dynamic Therapy 7 . Red, Blue, Purple, Yellow, Green, Orange, and White Spectrum Light - RED . 630 nm to enhance collagen, Scars and Wrinkles reduction, cellular oxygenation and skin rejuvenation - BLUE . 430 nm Pure Light (eliminates Acne Bacillus, skin imperfections, age spots and other skin blemishes) - PURPLE . combine the benefits of RED + BLUE Therapy - Treatment Surface area. 1200 Light Emitting Diodes - Training: NO training needed (ON/OFF switch) select Red or Blue or combine both R+B for remarkable results - Additional Spectrum: Yellow, Green, Orange, PLUS Full Spectrum Light for remarkable and lasting results - Accessories: 1 Laser Pen + 1 Handheld Photon probe. - Worldwide Delivery Time: 2 to 3 weeks

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Metaphysical Properties: Clarity of mind, clear communication skills, balances energies, calming, harmonious. Excellent for use in dream recall and astral travel. In healing, celestite replaces pain with loving light. This delicate and exquisite crystal is lovely to behold.

Corresponding Astrological Sign: Gemini

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Blue gardens wedding, ronalin

Blue Gardens Wedding | Ronalin and Edwin

Nothing but Knotting for both of US

Intramuros Engagement Session | Grace and Jay

Thank you so much for creating such a beautiful images for us. We really love them. It looks stunning and we’re delighted with it. You really managed to capture the essence of the day and your relax approach definitely contributed to our enjoyment. Every shot tells a part of the story from such a special day and we will treasure them forever. Thank you for giving us such great memories to look back at! You were such a good team to work with and it really was a great fun. We hope we can have another photo session with you in the future. A million thanks for sharing our day and your amazing talents. More power and Godbless.

ruffaandmike - Thanks so much Ronalin and Dwin! Congrats and God bless… Reply Cancel

Kwik Acuna - Does your package include same day edit? Reply Cancel

© Ruffa and Mike Photography - Art Inspired Wedding Photojournalism | [email protected] com | 09199926988 / 09065079162 | ProPhoto Photography Blogsite by NetRivet, Inc.

Jonas kaufmann, otenor


Harteros, Gubanova, Kaufmann, Terfel: the Baden-Baden-Gala 2016 will be televised

After highly acclaimed performances of "Tosca" in Munich Anja Harteros, Jonas Kaufmann and Bryn Terfel will join each other again on July 22 and 24, this time for the Opera Gala in Baden-Baden. They will share the stage with Ekaterina Gubanova (replacing Elina Garanca who had to cancel both concerts due to illness) and the Badischen Staatskapelle Karlsruhe conducted by Marco Armiliato. Broadcast dates are July 24 (ZDF) and August 13 (3Sat).

Live on BR Klassik: The new production of Wagners "Meistersinger" in Munich

On Monday, May 16, starting at 4pm BR Klassik will broadcast the premiere of Wagners "Meistersinger" with Wolfgang Koch (Sachs), Markus Eiche (Beckmesser), Jonas Kaufmann (Stoltzing), Sara Jakubiak (Eva) and Benjamin Bruns (David) singing the main roles, the conductor is Kirill Petrenko.

Photo: Wilfried Hosl

Canine demodex mite mange (demodicosis or red mange), dermadex

Demodicosis - Canine Demodex Mite

By Janet Tobiassen Crosby, DVM. Veterinary Medicine Expert

Updated August 23, 2016.

What is Demodex? Demodex mites are microscopic normal inhabitants of dog skin. In a healthy animal, the mites are few in number and do not cause skin problems. In some cases though, the mites can take over, leading to a condition commonly called "mange" or demodicosis . Learn about the types of mange and various treatment options for this skin parasite.

Who Gets Demodicosis? Demodicosis can be localized - small patches affected, or generalized - large areas of the dog's face, feet and body are affected.

Continue Reading Below

Young dogs: Demodex mite infestations (demodicosis) are typically seen in puppies and young dogs less than two years old. This is usually due to the growing/immature immune systems of the young animals.

Many young dog cases "outgrow" demodicosis on their own, without treatment. This is because the immune system develops, gets stronger, and keeps the Demodex mite population in control. Some puppies need veterinary help to overcome the demodicosis.

Adult dogs: If an adult dog breaks out with demodicosis, your vet will want to look for reasons why the immune system may be weakened.

Possible reasons include: cancer, hormonal imbalances (thyroid, Cushing's disease), prolonged corticosteriod use, or immune system changes due to old age.

There is a hereditary component to demodicosis. Affected dogs should not be bred.

What Does Demodicosis Look Like? Hair loss is the most common sign. In more severe or generalized cases, the skin presents as bald, infected, odorous and scaly.

How is Demodicosis Diagnosed? The microscopic Demodex mite lives deep in hair follicles. Diagnosis is suggested by the skin lesions and confirmed with a skin scrape and microscopic examination of Demodex mites.

Continue Reading Below

The vet will gently squeeze an area of the skin and rub a scalpel blade over the ridge of skin to collect mites to look at under the microscope. This doesn't hurt the animal. Itchy pets may even appreciate it. See photos of a skin scrape test.

Is Demodicosis Contagious? Canine demodicosis not contagious to humans. The mites are species-specific, meaning they stay on dogs. This mite is passed mother-to-pup and possibly dog-to-dog, but for animals with healthy immune systems, this doesn't cause disease.

How is Demodicosis Treated? Treatment options vary widely based on the severity of the case and the veterinarian's preferred protocols. For some cases, a medicated shampoo and "watch and wait" approach, and for others, a battery of treatments is required to bring the mite population and skin infection under control.

Mild/localized cases: Shave affected areas. Wash skin with a benzoyl peroxide shampoo to help "flush" out the hair follicles and keep secondary bacterial infections under control.

And "old time" treatment for localized demodicosis is a product called Goodwinol ointment, which contains rotenone, an insecticide. The efficacy (usefulness) of this treatment is a topic of debate. I don't feel that Goodwinol does much for the demodicosis. It may irritate skin.

Generalized cases: Like the localized cases, shave affected areas and wash skin with a benzoyl peroxide shampoo to help "flush" out the hair follicles and keep secondary bacterial infections under control.

Additional veterinary treatment options for generalized demodicosis:

Ivermectin - considered the best treatment option by many vets. This drug is used off-label for Demodex mites and not to be used in Collies or Collie-crosses.

Amitraz (Mitaban) dips - approved by the FDA, but not to be used on small dogs or dogs younger than 4 months. Labor-intensive to apply, side effects possible.

Milbemycin oxime (Interceptor) - this heartworm preventative, when used on a daily basis, may be effective against generalized demodicosis. The cost may be a prohibiting factor, however.

Promeris/Advantage Multi - have been used with mixed results for demodicosis. Please consult with your veterinarian.

Dogs affected with demodecosis should be checked for other parasites (skin, ears, intestinal), be on a healthy diet, and have any other health problems addressed for maximum effectiveness of the demodicosis treatment. Dogs being treated for demodicosis should not be given corticosteroids. Dogs with concurrent bacterial skin infections often need oral or injectable antibiotics.

Demodicosis is often a prolonged treatment protocol of weeks or months. Two negative skin scrapings, one month apart confirm case resolution.

Photo #1 - Demodex canis taken through a microscope at 400x magnification - Wikimedia/Joel Mills Photo#2 - Gizmo: Before Demodex Treatment by basykes on Flickr Photo#3 - Gizmo: After Demodex Treatment by basykes on Flickr

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Jennette mccurdy - s racy photos leak, insinuates ex-boyfriend andre drummond is responsible, jenett

Jennette McCurdy's Racy Photos Leak, Insinuates Ex-Boyfriend Andre Drummond Is Responsible

In 2011, photos of a woman resembling Blake Lively surfaced online. The batch of self-taken photos show multiple shots of the woman's cleavage, a close-up of her nipple and some full-body nudes as well. There were also some non-nude photos that feature the woman with the same fake tattoos Lively wore for her role in "The Town" and a photo that shows the actress's face. Lively's reps, however maintain that the photos are fake.

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Jennette McCurdy's Racy Photos Leak, Insinuates Ex-Boyfriend Andre Drummond Is Responsible


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Home - kruisin - kanines dog agility, kruzin

Fall Classes begin the week of August 29, 2016. Registration is open. Classes are limited to 6 students.

UKI Trial October 29, 2016 Kruisin' Kanines

Kruisin' Kanines Training Facility


Masters Series Finalists from Krusin Kanines UKI trial held in Pensylvania today and Judged by Oksana Syrkin. Congratulations to Jacqueline Wilhelmy and Obi, Jacky Mento and Bryn, Donna Staivecki with USA and Streak, Scott Puro and Grady, Janet Puro and Griffin IAC IWAC, Nicole Logan and Jeter ( not on picture), Kathleen Oswald and Whimzy ( not on picture)! Well done everyone!

Kruisers Carole Allen, Kris Bartell, Jeff Abel, Andy Miele, Jeanie Burton, Linda Goldman (left to right), and Kim Secter (not pictured) made the club proud at the 2016 Westminster Trial!

Konnie's Iko getting a well deserved nap. 3 MACHs in one year. MACH 8, 9 & 10

Terri Natishan & Yogi at KK's UKI Trial 10/31/15

Congratulations Jeanie Burton and River for earning their MACH 4 at the Kruisin Kanine’s trial on August 8, 2015.

Photo by M. Nicoe Fischer

Congratulations Blake and Trixie got their MACH3 on August 2, 2015

6/21/15-Congratulation Luke and Cindy Everert on earning your Novice Jumpers with Weaves Preferred JWWP.

Susie Diehl, Brody & Bartlee

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Reserved umbrella table seating with chairs

Free parking pass(1 per 2 tickets purchased)

Free shuttle service to and from the Pavilion

Each table seats 6 but tickets can be ordered in any amount

EVERYONE, regardless of age, entering the pavilion area requires a Pavilion ticket

Grandview Pavilion Father’s Day Special

Grandview Medical Center is celebrating its 90th anniversary! As part of the celebration, Grandview is offering $3.00 off the purchase of a Pavilion seat on Sunday, June 19th. To take advantage of this special, simply click here.

Upgrades, if available, are $10 per person at Pavilion entrance.

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Blue Sky Chalet

Saturday – Limited Tickets Remain! Sunday – Limited Tickets Remain!

Admission to the show

Reserved umbrella table seating with chairs

Access to air conditioned tent and restroom

Continental breakfast

Grilled luncheon entrees with side dishes


Unlimited beverages including beer, wine, ice tea and soda

Free Parking Pass(1 per 2 tickets purchased)

Free shuttle service to and from the chalet area

EVERYONE, regardless of age, entering the Blue Sky Chalet area requires a Blue Sky ticket

Beverages Served All Day

All online ticket sales end Sunday, June 19th at 12 PM ET. All Ticket Sales are Final, No Refunds, No Rain Checks. Ticketing questions? Call 888-695-0888 or email [email protected] .

The Chairman’s Club

The Chairman’s Club is an exclusive area on the flight line affording members excellent viewing of the Vectren Dayton Air Show. Amenities include a delicious buffet and full service bar in a beautifully landscaped setting. The Chairman’s Club is ideal for entertaining your clients, friends, family or special guests in first-class style.

Reserved market umbrella table for six each day

On-site VIP parking

Delicious, food buffet – including continental breakfast, lunch, gourmet desserts and snacks

Premium bar

Air-conditioned restrooms

Pride of involvement in a highly regarded community event

EVERYONE, regardless of age, entering the Chairman’s Club requires a Chairman’s Club ticket

Breakfast 9:00-11:00 AM Lunch 11:30-1:30 PM Dessert and Ice Cream – Afternoon Beverages Served All Day

Your donation to become a member of the Chairman’s Club provides you with member and guest benefits as well as sponsorship support of the Vectren Dayton Air Show program. All members will receive special recognition for their support. Chairman’s Club Membership: $1,400 For reservations or further information call (937) 898-5901, Ext. 132.

“The Chairman’s club is a great area to view the air show. From the gracious and helpful staff, to the excellent food, the Chairman’s Club delivers everything as promised.”

Robert Keelor, President International Display Systems, Inc.

All Ticket Sales are Final, No Refunds, No Rain Checks.

Private Chalets

The Chalet Area is a reserved private area, which provides premier viewing of the Show. Chalets, custom-sized for your group, are ideal for company picnics or entertaining clients and special guests. Chalets include large air-conditioned tented food serving area, umbrella tables with chairs, and theatre seating. Full service catering, including beverages, is available at very reasonable prices.

Features & Guest Benefits:

Tent, umbrella tables and seating provided for your comfort

Front line viewing of all Air Show entertainment

Free dedicated parking and air-conditioned shuttle

Private air-conditioned tent and restroom facilities

The Vectren Dayton Air Show can accommodate any size group from 100 to 7,500 people. Please ask for a quote on a specific chalet size or multiple day pricing.

100 people: $3,850 (one day), 300 people: $8,050 (one day)

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For reservations or further information call (937) 898-5901, Ext. 132.

All Ticket Sales are Final, No Refunds, No Rain Checks.

“It just does not get an better than watching the show in one of the Chalets! Having your own facilities, food, and drinks make for a very comfortable day for the young and old alike. Everyone loves it. The staff are friendly and helpful, year after year. What a great place to bring your family and friends for a most enjoyable day.”

Deborah Gross President of Dayton Defense

Photo Tour/Photo Pit

Dayton/Montgomery Convention & Visitors Bureau Photo Tour & Photo Pit Passes


How would you like to get exclusive access to air show displays before the show gates open? Ever wish you could get better photos of air show displays and selected performer aircraft without so many people in the foreground? Now’s your chance! The Vectren Dayton Air Show will be offering a limited number of photo tours and photo pit passes to non-media guests.

Dayton/Montgomery Convention & Visitors Bureau Photo Tour & Photo Pit Passes

Tour begins at 7:00 AM and concludes at 9:00 AM

LIMITED number of passes are available

Receive media parking pass

Cost: $50 +fee per day/$80 +fee for weekend

Includes admission to the Vectren Dayton Air Show

Exclusive photography area on the flight line during the show

Upgrade available only to Photo Tour purchasers

LIMITED number of passes are available

Water to be provided all day

Area for credentialed Pit Pass holders only (no family or additional guests)

No refund/no re-issue

Cost for Photo Pit Add-on: $25 per day/$40 for weekend

These programs are limited in availability so act now!

All online ticket sales end Sunday, June 19th at 12 PM ET. All Ticket Sales are Final, No Refunds, No Rain Checks. Ticketing questions? Call 888-695-0888 or email [email protected] .

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Igneous rock textures, propyretic

Examples of Phaneritic Rocks (the three images below show a hand sample, low magnification of a hand sample and a thin section of phaneritic textured rocks)

Phaneritic textured rocks are comprised of large crystals that are clearly visible to the eye with or without a hand lens or binocular microscope. The entire rock is made up of large crystals, which are generally 1/2 mm to several centimeters in size; no fine matrix material is present. This texture forms by slow cooling of magma deep underground in the plutonic environment.

The cartoon sketch above, though highly idealized, attempts to make the point that in order to be truly phaneritic all of the mineral grains must be visible. The beginner often makes the mistake of identifying porphyritic textured (see discussion below) aphanitic rocks as phaneritic. For the more felsic rocks like granite, phaneritic texture is rarely misidentified. But dark rocks like gabrro are more problematic. A good rule of thumb is that fine grained or aphanitic rocks are dull appearing, while phaneritic rocks are brighter or shinier (of course be careful of a glassy rock like obsidian).

Examples of Phaneritic Rocks

Examples of Aphanitic Rocks (the two images below show a hand sample and a thin section of aphanitic textured rocks)

Aphanitic texture consists of small crystals that cannot be seen by the eye with or hand lens. The entire rock is made up of small crystals, which are generally less than 1/2 mm in size. This texture results from rapid cooling in volcanic or hypabyssal (shallow subsurface) environments.

Yes, I know the cartoon above is rather crude, but it gets the point across. Aphanitic rocks are characterized by textures in which the mineral grains are not visible to the eye so they generally look rather like a blank slate. Of course, this represents an ideal world. Most aphanitic rocks will have at least a few phenocrysts (larger grains). This often causes the lay person to assume a phaneritic texture, but with a little practice you will find you can quickly distinguish between aphanitic and phaneritic textures.

Examples of Aphanitic Rocks

Porphyritic Rocks (the two images below show a hand sample and a thin section of porphyritic aphanitic textured rocks)

Porphyritic texture is really a subtype, but usage of the term often confuses the beginner. Porphyritic rocks are composed of at least two minerals having a conspicuous (large) difference in grain size. The larger grains are termed phenocrysts and the finer grains either matrix or groundmass (see the drawing below and image to the left). Porphyritic rocks are thought to have undergone two stages of cooling; one at depth where the larger phenocrysts formed and a second at or near the surface where the matrix grains crystallized.

Both aphanitic and phaneritic rocks can be porphyritic, but the former are far more common. Most often the porphritic term is utilized as a modifier. For instance, an andesite with visible phenocrysts of plagioclase feldspar would be termed an andesite porphyry or porphyritic andesite (see photo above).

Glassy textured igneous rocks are non-crystalline meaning the rock contains no mineral grains. Glass results from cooling that is so fast that minerals do not have a chance to crystallize. This may happen when magma or lava comes into quick contact with much cooler materials near the Earth's surface. Pure volcanic glass is known as obsidian (see photo).

This term refers to vesicles (holes, pores, or cavities) within the igneous rock. Vesicles are the result of gas expansion (bubbles), which often occurs during volcanic eruptions. Pumice and scoria are common types of vesicular rocks. The image to the left shows a basalt with vesicles, hence the name "vesicular basalt".

Fragmental (Pyroclastic) Texture

We are almost done, I promise. The last textural term is reserved for pyroclastic rocks, those blown out into the atmosphere during violent volcanic eruptiions. These rocks are collectively termed fragmental. If you examine a fragmental volcanic rock closely you can see why. You will note that it is comprised of numerous grains or fragments that have been welded together by the heat of volcanic eruption. If you run your fingers over the rock it will often feel grainy like sandpaper or a sedimentary rock. You might also spot shards of glass embedded in the rock. The terminology for fragmental rocks is voluminous, but most are simply identified as "tuff".