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Members: Danny: drums, Gennadiy: guitar, Anthony: bass, Spin: guitar, Mike: vocals

Bitter but Sweet, Melodic but Brutal, Dark but still shines through the massive numbers of New Yorks Hardcore/Screamo bands. Formed in late 2005, Incuria began showcasing many shows in their hometown of Brooklyn, New York, as well as catching many loyal fans in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. After a few months massive line up changes were made, after their release of their Demo CD You will take this to your grave. With the release of You will take this to your grave it opened up many doors for the band. As far as sharing the stage with bands such as Crash Romeo, Grace Gale, and Long Islands own Bela Kiss, Gave Incuria a reputation that they needed to keep on going. Their live performances are nothing but insane acrobatic movements and intense memories that everyone takes home and talks about the next day. Incuria has been compared to such bands as From Autumn To Ashes, Poison The Well and Across Five Aprils. Incuria will soon be releasing their Full Length album Bless Me With A Life Full Of Regret on Autopsy Media, thats promised to be the CD that everyone going to have in their top CD.

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Redwood City, CA

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